We Find Amazing Deals

Ironvest Properties Ltd does the hard work finding and securing great investment opportunities for you. If you’re looking for investments returns in excess of 15%, we can help.

We have a team of sourcers who are very active in searching for properties across the country, all of which must meet our strict criteria before we even consider passing them to our investors.

We have great relationships with estate agents and as a direct result are often informed of great properties before they hit the open market. We also source direct to vendor and aim to search every avenue to find the right deal and win / win solutions. We regularly get offered properties at discounted rates for a quick sale, lease option opportunities and properties in need of refurbishment.

Why The UK?

It’s a great time to invest in the UK, property prices over the long term increase, right now towards the end of 2021 and into next year we are likely to see a dip in property prices which provides a great opportunity to find amazing property investment deals.

While Landlords are under strict legislation which is eating into profit margins, we also provide innovative solutions to support Landlords in the long term by securing their rent and even paying towards refurbishment and compliance work. We keep your property in great condition, this is a great time to work with Ironvest Properties Ltd.

Through our networks and high level of experience we can help with:

Only once we’re sure a property is a great investment will we will pass this onto our investors. Remember if we wouldn’t purchase the property for our own portfolio then we would not pass it to an investor.

The Process

Once you are on our mailing list you will receive emails regularly with great investment deals. If you like the look of a particular deal follow the instructions on the email for reserving the deal:

We are on hand to assist with any issues which may arise throughout the sale process up to completion.

If you would like our recommendations for solicitors and mortgage brokers we are happy to provide these to our customers.